Johanna Jackins, ONE&Kind (Art Kits / Go Green Upcycling)

Johanna’s passion in life is to create, share, teach others how they can find their creative talents to express themselves. I have a curiosity to try new projects, I continue to learn. I believe that creating art can give you peace, and give you a sense of achievement, and show off your uniqueness. I spent a life attending art schools, taking workshops, completing an Interior Design program, teaching others to paint and selling my creations. Designing the Art Kits was something that I thought I could give the community during the Covid restrictions. I hoped the Kits would help people to connect with their friends/family, help build our Community. Also teaching people new skills, spark some interest in art, maybe find a new passion. I believe in caring for our planet, I always use what I have and love to create from nothing, I come by that honestly, from a family who did not waste, we designed many projects out of “trash”. Upcycling is a fun way to use something not usable and make something totally different. I did reuse many materials in planning the Art Kits. I enjoyed designing the Art Kits and hope they continue to build new friendships and show people that art has many forms and can really give you joy.