Sheila Konschuh, Co-Founder

Sheila, along with her husband Eldon, daughter Rachel, and daughter Hannah Konschuh and husband Casey O’Grady, operate Generation Land and Grain Co in East Wheatland County. On their home place they enjoy views of Crowfoot Creek to the west and the Bow River to the south on Siksika First Nation.

Their daughter Megan Konschuh and her husband Denis Dufresne are principals in the performance group Duo Grande, and own and operate YYC String Machine, based out of Calgary Alberta.

Informed by the experience of advocating for her daughter Rachel who has a disability, Sheila worked alongside visionaries Leanne Hilton and Dr. Kandace Jordan to co-found Project HOPE when Rachel was in early elementary school. Later, she became a founding member of Hope Bridges Society.

Sheila has a love of music and the arts, and it is through this connection that she remains committed to the vision of Hope Bridges Society as a volunteer board member. Her favorite task is coordinating the “Artists Among Us” annual gala performance, with guests from Rosebud School of the Arts as well as performers from around the province. It’s her greatest pleasure to witness the deep connection and knowledge of belonging that is celebrated each year at this inspiring inclusive performance.