‘Flight’ Mural The idea behind the piece is to lift us to new creative heights.

Flight Mural

ConnectFirst Credit Union's Shawndra Bodkin poses beside 'Flight.'

A Go Green Upcycling project created by members of the community through programming at Hope Bridges Society has found a home at Connect First Credit Union.

‘Flight’ is a mural created in 2012-2013 by Go Green Upcycling participants under the guidance of Johanna Jackins, a local artist. In the program, participants take objects that are recycled and turned into art pieces.

“Hope Bridges is thrilled to see ‘Flight’ find its permanent home at ConnectFirst Credit Union, a prominent business in downtown Strathmore. The Hope Bridges Society mandate is to connect people within the community through the arts which have a long history of bringing people together across boundaries,” said Acting Coordinator for Hope Bridges Society Janice Littlefair.

“‘Flight’ will continue to connect people within the community as it is displayed within a public space, and everyone has access to it. When everyone has access to art and sees themselves reflected in their public spaces, they have a stronger and clearer sense of connection,” she said.

The mural was installed at Connect First Credit Union in March.

Materials for the mural were contributed by Wheatland County and area businesses and organizations: Home Hardware, Sears, Mark’s, Chestermere Starbucks, Walmart, Katy’s Consignment, Rona, Strathmore Library, and the Strathmore community.

The mural has traversed the community as a traveling gallery and has been featured at the annual Hope Bridges Society auction before making its way to ConnectFirst Credit Union.

The Hope Bridges Society Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 6 p.m. Please RSVP attendance beforehand.

If you are 18 or older and would like to connect with friends through the arts, please contact the Hope Bridges Society coordinator at 403-983-3640, or [email protected]